Learn to play the Scottish Highland Bagpipes!  

I teach beginners how to play the Scottish Highland Bagpipe. No experience necessary. I teach in conjunction with
The Tucson Highlanders.

I have been teaching since 1991. Pictured above (from about 1998) is what we used to call the Preparatory Pipe Corps --our beginners pipe band. I'm proud to be pictured at left with a band composed entirely of some of my students. The age range in this picture is from six to seventy-four!

In addition to more than twenty years of experience as a music teacher with a private studio, I have been registered and certified to substitute teach in a State of Arizona public school district. 

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What you need to begin is a practice chanter -- not a full set of bag pipes. You can get them locally at the Folk Shop, located on Campbell Ave. between Grant Road and Glenn. Tell them you will be studying with me to get a 10% discount. You can also find practice chanters from numerous vendors online.

The pipes have been learned using practice chanters for a long time. It will take time, from several months to as long as a year before you would be ready to buy bagpipes. Getting the practice chanter allows you time to decide if you really want to commit to purchase a set of pipes.

I provide the printed music and exercises for free as part of the lesson. Students usually schedule a weekly lesson time to make progress, evolving from the chanter to the great Highland pipes.

The pipes setup that I recommend, particularly for playing in the band can be obtained from Gary Guth. Here you will find excellent & trustworthy customer service.

I teach privately at my home. You can e-mail or call for more information, 520-907-4460. 

You can give the gift of
pipe lessons! 

You can prepay me for a practice chanter and a certificate of ten lessons (or more)  to present to someone for Christmas, birthday, bar mitzvah, or other celebrations. Give the gift of music -- something that a person can enjoy ... for a lifetime!


Find out more about the local pipe band or about Scottish music and related events in Southern Arizona here: 

a.k.a. The Tucson Pipers

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