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My favorite fiddle music is Scottish because of its beauty, drive, syncopation, elegance, variety, and because it is often played for dancers! 

Over the years, I have played for English and Scottish Country Dance Balls and Contra dances in Southern Arizona. 

You can hire me** in concert with other fine musicians to play for your special event!

** E-mail: fiddler

 (Above) I play a wide variety of world music now, an Acoustic Journey from the British Isles to Ireland to Cape Breton, through bluegrass country and into Mexico and South America. I love to play tangos with my friend Anton, who is from Bulgaria. He grew up listening to his father's tango band in Spain. He also plays Bulgarian and Macedonian bagpipes, so hire us for your special event. We sing songs in a variety of languages; and I sing all the great Irish tenor selections!


(Above) Here I am fiddling  at the Gaslight Theatre (2006). You can hire me for a lively time of tunes and songs from Scotland and Ireland.

Trim the Velvet

In Tucson, I also performed for years as part of the Irish music ensemble
Trim the Velvet

I first learned classical violin as a child. I studied for 7 years with William Bagwell, principal violist of the Phoenix Symphony. In Glasgow 1990-1991, I studied with Douglas Lawrence of the Scottish National Orchestra, a leading authority of the Hector McAndrew style. His settings can be found in James Hunter's The Fiddle Music of Scotland. I've also been to the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School a couple times. I LOVE the Cape Breton style of Scottish fiddling, especially the playing of Buddy McMaster, his niece Natalie McMaster, and Jerry Holland. I have frequently played for The Seven Pipers Society: country dance weekend workshops, balls, and public performances. In Scotland, I played fiddle music with Hamish Moore and Stewart Gaudin, both excellent Scottish Small Pipes players..

I'm always looking for other musicians who love to play this sweet music. I teach the fiddle in Tucson, AZ.

I am also a piper and singer. Click the links at the left or the images to learn more.

Some samples of fiddling. Click the picture to watch the clip:


E-mail William or call 520-907-4460.


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